Rebuilt and Salvage Pennsylvania Title Transfers

Rebuilt and salvage title transfers in Bucks County. Skip the DMV hassle and transfer your reconstructed or rebuilt title in Pennsylvania effortlessly.
You Will Need:

Rebuilt title for the vehicle, Form MV-426B, vehicle identification number, Proof of ownership documentation.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a rebuilt title, also known as a reconstructed title, plays a crucial role in certifying that a previously totaled vehicle has undergone the necessary repairs to be deemed fully restored and safe for operation. If you wish to drive such a vehicle legally in Pennsylvania, obtaining a reconstructed title is a prerequisite.

The process begins with the insurance company declaring the vehicle a total loss, leading to the issuance of a salvage title. To proceed with obtaining a reconstructed title, you will need to take the salvaged vehicle and the salvage title to a specialized enhanced inspection mechanic. This mechanic will thoroughly assess the vehicle's repairs to ensure they meet the necessary safety standards for roadworthiness. Upon verification of the completed repairs, the mechanic will provide the owner with a completed packet known as an MV-426B, indicating that the vehicle is deemed safe for operation.

With the MV-426B, the salvage title, valid identification, and insurance in hand, the owner can head to HasPlates for further assistance. At our service center, we can process the necessary paperwork for PennDOT, commencing the process of obtaining the reconstructed title and registering the vehicle. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in handling the paperwork involved in this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for vehicle owners in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

HasPlates aims to simplify the often complex process of obtaining a reconstructed title and vehicle registration. We understand the importance of ensuring that rebuilt vehicles meet all safety requirements before hitting the road again. By choosing our service, vehicle owners can trust in our expertise and efficient handling of paperwork, helping them navigate the process with ease. Visit HasPlates today and let us assist you in obtaining the necessary reconstructed title, ensuring your vehicle is legally and safely operable on the road once again.


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